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My new collection for children, The Bubble Wrap, is now available. I've also illustrated the book too in my own 'jaunty' style and we're saying it's suitable for children of all ages - from five to ninety five! Packed with poems you’ll also discover the best things about a sneeze, good words to send by bubble (and the best way to wrap them) and the noise a cow makes… going backwards down the stairs. It's published by a new imprint from the Poetry Business, 'Small Donkey' and is priced £6.95. You can buy it here.




Over the summer I took part in residencies in two care homes for Suffolk Artlink as part of their 'Our Place' project. Paired up with artists in each home, we explored how staff, residents and their families could use creativity to bring positive changes to their daily routines. We had lots of fun and games!




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The Bubble Wrap cover FINAL