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On page 55 he found the legs section,

the way she crossed hers,

feet definitely facing towards him.


He remembered she had fiddled with her hair

and fingered her earrings which he had blamed

on the awkward silence. Yet page 86


said these were good signs, her drawing attention

to herself. So pushing back her sleeves

was not because the room was stuffy


but to expose the delicate skin on her wrist

which he had missed at the time and was sorry now.

For his part, next time they met, in the restaurant,


he tried to keep one hand in his pocket

(pointing in the obvious direction, page 89)

even when seated. Holding her gaze


a little longer than necessary (page 34)

was easy, especially when trying

to check out her unconscious pupil dilation.


Suggesting a starter he imagined her

foot slipping in and out of its shoe,

like page 97 said it would as he watched


her face, her pretty mouth opening,

closing, opening as she asked him again,

Why is it you never seem to listen?



from Irresistible to Women (The Garlic Press 2003)



Beginner's Guide to Body Language

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