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THE STAPLE QUESTION - 'A country is held together with rusty staples and sticky tape...'

A sort of protest song/poem/sonic tinkering involving stationery items. And, yes, that really is me playing the funky lead stapler.

THE BALLOON LANDINGS - 'But Daddy, where do all the dead balloons go?' Based on an article I came across in a newspaper. We should be knee deep in dead balloons! But there is always a 'but'.

TREE - inspired by a poster of a tree I had on my office wall for years before I noticed an eye looking down among the branches. Then I began spotting other things and realised how little we do actually see.

MR COCKROACH - a tale of hope and triumph, it just happens to use a very unpopular and much maligned insect as a theme. It all begins when Mr Rowley's wife leaves him, calling him - 'Cockroach, you're a cockroach, baby...


Here are four of my 'sonic tinkerings' - poems and words that I've added music, loops and samples to. Audio experiments which aren't as dodgy as they sound when I'm trying to describe them. Perhaps you better just have a listen...

Staple Question